5 min: Tempos!

Here is a quick lesson you can use to help your students learn tempos using "Go for the Gold! Recorder."

Title:  Circle Up!

Resources:  Go for the Gold! Recorder (Beginner's Edition) Page 15 (Event 1 - Hot Cross Buns)

Purpose: Teaching students variations in tempo

Activity:  Copy the tempo chart from Page 15 in Go for the Gold Beginners Edition onto your chalkboard or whiteboard.  Speak to them very quickly while pointing at "Vivace" or "Presto." Speak to them in slow-motion while pointing at "Largo" or "Adagio."  Explain that composers use different tempos to indicate the speed of the piece.

Circle up the kids in a line around the room.  Have all the students begin walking around the classroom at the speed you indicate on the whiteboard.  The students love to be in charge of pointing to the tempos and "controlling" the speed of the moving line! 

Explain that "Hot Cross Buns" occurs at a walking tempo of "Andante."  See if they can find the perfect walking tempo.