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Before we begin any sporting event, we need to warm up! Even the best musicians and athletes in the world have to warm up before they perform!
— Dynamic Dan

Before we begin to learn recorder, we must learn the different parts of the recorder.  The instrument is an important tool to help us learn music.  It is important to understand each part! 

           Head joint (mouth piece)                                        Barrel                                                      Foot joint (bell)



Remember that your left hand always goes on top!  




When blowing into the recorder, you need to use a steady stream of air that is not blown hard or too loudly.  Hold out your hand in front of your face.  Try to blow your air as lightly as possible. Feel your air lightly on your hand held out in front of you.  This is the way you should blow into your recorder.  If you blow too hard, you may squeak! 



When covering the holes on your recorder, make sure your finger covers the hole completely.  If you don’t do that, you may end up letting air escape and that will cause you to play wrong notes or to squeak your notes.  



Also you must be sure to press down with your fingers with a little force.  If you press your fingers too lightly, air may escape from the sides of your fingers and again you could play wrong notes or squeak.